Standards and norms

Powerpipe’s products for district heating systems comply with the relevant European and Swedish standards. 

The technical rules and regulations brought forward by the Swedish District Heating Association are as follows:

  • D:206 Warranty rules and regulations
  • D:209 Cut-off valves
  • D:210 Certification of cut-off valves
  • D:211 Installation guidelines
  • D:213 Copper pipes
  • D:214 PEX pipes. 

The European standards are:

  • EN 253 Straight single pipes
  • EN 448 Fitting assemblies of single pipes 
  • EN 488 Valves
  • EN 489 Joint assembly
  • EN 15698-1 Straight twin pipes
  • EN 15698-2 Fitting assemblies of twin pipes
  • EN 13941 Design and installation. 

Calculations of fitting assemblies comply with EN 13941 when applicable. 

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