Bureau Veritas certifies us in accordance with ISO 9001 – Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems. This means that quality is guaranteed in every stage of the production process, including our suppliers, who are evaluated on a regular basis. The production is carried out at our plant in Goteborg, which gives us maximum control of all operations and serves as an assurance that what we deliver fulfil both customer requirements and applicable EU standards.

Quality at every stage

ISO 9001 covers the organization, assignments of responsibility, procedures, operations and resources.

It includes:

  • Supply of raw materials
  • Production of pipes and fittings
  • Job instructions
  • Control instructions
  • Deviation management
  • Handling of complaints
  • Maintenance.

Raw materials and finishes

We check the raw materials by random sampling, as do our suppliers. The finished products, as well as the equipment, are continually tested in order to ensure that the requirements from customers, authorities and others are fulfilled. 100 % of the alarm systems are tested to ensure they are in proper working order. Further more, continuous sampling of foam quality is carried out for both straight pipes and fittings. The test results are documented and followed up upon and the products are marked according to current standard specifications.


SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden perform tests on district heating pipes twice a year according to the functional requirements in SS-EN 253 as regards:

  • Adhesion
  • Tensile strength
  • Water absorption
  • Compressive strength
  • Cavities and seeds
  • Cellular size.

The test results are documented in official reports. The welding seams are controlled with X-rays in compliance with SS-EN 253, or according to customer requirements, when these exceed the standards.

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