Other products

Special pipes

Our range of special pipes includes:

  • Pipes for district cooling.
  • Preinsulated pipes with service pipes made of stainless steel or plastic. 
  • Pipes with spiral welded outer jackets for above ground pipelines. 
  • Flexible pipes with service pipes in copper or steel.
  • Flexible Casaflex pipes made of stainless steel. 


There are three kinds of joints that connect and seal pipes:

Electro fusion welded  joints

An electro fusion welded joint is a joint where the slotted sleeve is welded to the jacket pipe.

Shrinkable joint

A shrinkable joint is a joint where the expanding sleeve by shrinkage attaches to the jacket pipe and produces a transmission of forces that seals the joint. The sealing layer between the sleeve and the pipe consists of gum mastic. The shrinkable joint can be fitted with shrinking tubes as an extra tightening.

Alarm and surveillance systems

All preinsulated pipes from Powerpipe are equipped with two embedded alarm wires that run parallel to the steel pipes. At the joints, the wires are connected into a loop, which is connected to a warning device. The presence of moisture is indicated by a reduction in the electrical resistance between the copper wire and the steel pipe. The exact location of the moisture is established with a pulse-echo meter (TDR) with an accuracy of < 1 m. 

The alarm units are either local, with a simple device for every loop, or central, with the local units connected to a central unit. The units are able to communicate with a computer via signalling cables of copper or fibre, the GSM network or the Internet. In this way, it is possible to continually monitor the entire distribution system from an arbitrary location. 

Learn more at: www.wideco.se or www.pipeguard.se

Accessories and spare parts

We have all the products needed for installation of district heating or cooling systems.

  • Wall sealing rings
  • Hot tap valves
  • Expansion cushions
  • Foam for jointing
  • Tools and supply
  • And more...