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Powerpipe’s Values 
(Some of them make us unique)

Customer service

  • Eminent customer support – access to our various departments including customer service, sales and technical ensuring - reduced lead times 
  • Flexibility
  • Short lead times for standard parts as well as customized orders
  • Unique logistics management and transport solutions
  • We have one of the best warranties in the market covering pipes, pipe fittings and joints.

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  • Standard as well as customized solutions
  • Overall robust pipe and fittings with superior flexibility when it comes to installation:
    - Piping in trenches can be terminated with an optional twin pipe part without the need to weld additional fixing plates, as these come pre welded as standard
    - When using Twin pipe T-fittings, you do not require an expansion bend due to the tee’s being reinforced
    - Many T-fittings (single and twin) are stronger than those from competitors due to being designed up to 25 bar as standard, up to DN300
  • Focus on effective insulation:
    - Available up to Series 4 insulation, ensuring lower heat losses in the system.
    - Super insulated pipes with integrated vacuum panels – produce 30 % lower heat losses for twin pipes, increasing to 50 % when taking into account supply pipe only
  • Valves can be provided with different sized air vent/drain for every size of pipe

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Technological development

  • First on the market with:
    - CFC free insulation
    - Twin pipes
    - Collecting pots for valve products
    - Pipes with vacuum panels
  • Software developed in-house for expansion calculations
  • R&D collaborations with Chalmers University of Technology and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
  • Participation in the development of EN standards

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We are certified according to quality standard ISO 9001. This means that quality is ensured at all levels within the business. An independent party performs two tests each year on our district heating pipes according to the functional requirements in SS-EN 253.

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Certified in accordance with the environmental management standard ISO 14001. We also offer external transports with fossil-free fuels and Euro 6 emission standards.  Internal transports are made either with electric power from 100 % green and eco-labelled or 100 % renewable diesel. Internal PEH material scrap is reused. Residual PUR foam is sent to combustion which generates energy to district heating.

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Certified in accordance with the energy management standard ISO 50001. We use 100 % green and eco-labelled electricity for the entire business and recycle process heat.

Working environment

Certified in accordance with occupational health and safety standard ISO 45001. We work continuously to improve our work environment and prevent accidents.

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