Products & pipes for district heating networks

We offer a complete program for the installation of pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating, district cooling and industrial applications. The products are developed, manufactured and marketed in collaboration with customers and the market, which has resulted in satisfied network owners in Sweden and abroad. 

We use proven technology in the choice of materials, production processes and installation. The products undergo a rigorous inspection in accordance with our quality system ISO 9001 and are certified by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden through P-marking. 

Pipes and fittings in the ground are subjected to stresses of varying types and magnitudes, e.g. internal overpressure and thermal expansion. These stresses must be calculated, and in some cases limited, for the system to have a long service life. (The calculations are described in EN 13941:2003.) To facilitate these calculations, we have developed a unique computer-based program that our salespeople would love to tell you more about.