Powerpipe has since the beginning in 1986 strived towards creating products with as small an ecological footprint as possible. We were the first company to offer CFC-free PUR foam in the beginning of the 1990s. That led Sweden to legislate against importing, producing or using CFC based foam in district heating pipes as the first nation in the world on July 1, 1991. More stringent legislation have since then been applied in most countries.

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Powerpipe has an integrated management system for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. This includes an inspection of the external environment that describes the operations, emissions and emissions permits, inspections & controls, waste management and internal as well as external reporting to authorities. Once a year, the Environment Administration inspects the operations.

Our environmental policy

By supplying the society with high-quality products, that promotes an economical use of energy, we contribute to a long-term sustainable development. We are convinced that an active and well-reasoned environmental policy creates a long-term ability to compete and strengthens our reputation among our customers and the general public.

We achieve this by:

Preventing pollution to air, soil and water.
Working for a reduced ecological footprint for both internal and external transports.
Constantly improving the manufacturing processes to reach a more efficient use of resources with a reduced consumption of energy and raw materials.
Following laws and regulations.


The production of pipes for culverts generates different types of waste, which we have clear procedures for how to handle.

  • HDPE materials are ground down and reused.
  • Steel pipes are reused as straight pipes or parts or else they are scrapped and recycled.
  • Residual PUR foam is sent for combustion in a district heating plant.
  • Copper wire for alarm systems that cannot be reused is recycled.
  • Residual chemicals, from e.g. maintenance of equipment, are picked up by the recycling company IL.

If you, as a customer, wish to send back leftover materials from our products, we naturally take care of it, for a reasonable fee, and treat it as described above.


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