Heat without interruption


Cofely Ltd planned to buy heat by way of waste generated from the local energy plant, located just 2 km south of Coventry. The provision of this heat would allow for more affordable heating for public buildings and both commercial and residential developments.

Powerpipe Systems AB was contracted to supply a 6.6 km primary network (flow and return) including a sub-station supplying more efficient heat. As part of our engagement a full PQP (Project Quality Plan) was provided. This included quality assurance of design, pipes, fitting, welding, Civil and other associated works.

Main challenges:

  • London Road (A4114): As one of the main arteries feeding road traffic to Coventry from the M40, it was essential that disruption was kept to a minimum. To achieve this our team pre-stressed a 700m section of the network. As a result, we avoided any stoppage to traffic throughout the build period.
  • City centre: On approach to the city centre utilities became more and more congested, this added to the complexity of the pipe installation. Interruption to these services was limited through swift communication with any 3rd party. Any requests were met with a strict 24-hour turnaround and emergency parts delivered within 72 hours.
  • Freight: Due to space and traffic constraints in the city centre it was vital that freight movements were strictly controlled. To ensure efficient pipe delivery our freight company was involved from the outset. This integration allowed for smooth delivery and in turn allowed us to complete the installation under strict deadlines.

Powerpipe Systems AB maintained a close working relationship with both the end client and contractors. Weekly site meetings ensured clear communication and assisted in coordinating all parties involved leading to a successful network installation.

Cofely Ltd

Main contractor
RC Williams

Contract value
£ 320,000

Contract duration 
9 months (Jan - Sept 2013)

Coventry, UK

Pipe size
DN250 to DN65