Training courses

Despite the fact that the error rate now is down to ~0,003 per annum and km, we continue our efforts to reduce it and the costs associated with these faults. This is especially true when we have commissions abroad. 

One way to accomplish this is to offer training, in in various fields, to both customers and other stakeholders. We tailor the educational programs according to need. 

Courses in jointing:

  • Basic training for technicians in jointing different types of joints and alarm wires. 
  • Training for inspectors and clients in joining pipes and alarm wires. 
  • Certificates will be given to those passing the examinations. 

Courses in static calculations:

  • Basic knowledge of EN 13941 Design and installation of preinsulated bonded pipe systems for district heating.
  • A run-through of Powerpipe’s own calculation tool, based on the requirements in EN 13941. 

For further information, please contact our sales staff