Bristol District Heating Network Installation

It's a busy time on site in Bristol as our pipes arrive to be installed at Bristol’s Heat Network project – a new network of underground pipes that will deliver affordable, low-carbon heat and energy across the city. The Heat Network will eventually cover central Bristol and other areas across the city, powered by low carbon energy centres.

In total, POWERPIPE UK will be installing over 500 meters of pipe in partnership with CSW Process Ltd.

Since 2005 Bristol City Council has been engaged in a series of energy efficiency and investment initiatives to cut the city's carbon emissions. The city met and exceeded its target to reduce carbon emissions by 71%, three years early. These targets have since been updated, with Bristol’s end goal being to become a carbon neutral city by 2050.

This is just one of the reasons why Bristol was given the title of European Green Capital in 2015 – the UK’s first ever city to win this award.

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