Super insulated vacuum panel pipes – our solution towards a greener planet

Do you want to reduce heat losses *) with 30 % in total or 50 % with respect to supply pipe?

Powerpipe are revolutionising the way we reduce heat losses in our pre insulated pipe for district heating application.

In our offer there are a relativeIy new innovation, especially suitable and efficient for twin straight pipes, which sets a new standard for insulation effectiveness – towards a sustainable future.
The product saves energy, CO2 emissions, environment and money. The product is a Powerpipe design, patented and fulfil all applicable standards with respect to function.

For more information, see our product catalogue p. 4:601 and 9:306 or contact Jan Frick.
*) Twin pipes, assumed temperatures for supply/return/ground 85°C/55°C/5°C

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